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You know it's summer in Winipeg when...

As most of you in Winnipeg know, our skies can sometimes be ominously threatening, and some of the storms we have in the summer time are insane. You know summer has arrived here when you see a sky like this.

So last night, we had some pretty crazy weather, and today we even had a Tornado Watch, and a funnel cloud was seen in St- Andrews...i love when the sky gets creative and leaves us with this...

It was advancing so quickly,it was kinda eerie.

I just love the orange colors in this one.

This one is my favorite. It's so ominous looking. Like it is about to collapse right on top of me.

As the last trails of any kind of formation lingerd, it was as though the clouds were trying to still look as threatening at their weakest and dissapating point.

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