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Photography in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Photo
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This community is intended to be a creative inspiration for us all, a place where one can get feedback on their latest shots, and a networking resource for photographers and amateur-models in Winnipeg.

One picture may be presented in front of a cut, given that the online source photo is under 500 pixels height and width, and has no questionable content.
Nudity must be behind a cut with an NSFW mention in the cut.
Webcam pictures are not allowed, unless they have been made into art-value pieces.
Photoshop pieces are allowed, if the source material are photographs you have taken.
Photographs must be either photos you have taken, photos taken of you, or historical photographs of Winnipeg or Manitoba you have found online and wish to present a link to.
External links are acceptable provided they follow the above criteria for content, and are presented in a manner that is designed to create some conversation within the parameters of this community on LiveJournal (just a link is unacceptable).
Model soliciting should also be placed behind a cut.

Discussions directly relating to photography are always welcome! As this community is intended to reflect a community of people that can and may actually meet at some time, please be on your best behaviour.